Applying for a traveling licence. In other forms you can use facts about:


During the time you move a generating taste, you’ll get a generating license for its group of means you comprise investigated for. This document describes ideas on how to submit an application for your travel permit upon having passed away a driving challenge.

To apply for a generating license, you must be typically residing in Ireland. You may be known to be usually residing in Ireland if, caused by personal and work association, you usually living here for no less than 185 nights in each season.

You need to take your traveling permit to you always once generating. The policies belonging to the avenue can be purchased at

The highway protection power provides duty for drivers licensing and the National motorist Licence Service (NDLS) controls license methods and renewals. Possible apply to continue the permit on line or perhaps in people at an NDLS company.

NDLS centers were available by visit to every one customers. There is no walk-in assistance readily available. Should you have a Public treatments credit or MyGovID, it is possible to apply on the internet at

Limitations on beginner driver

Beginner plates

You must highlight N-plates on vehicle if you find yourself travel for 2 decades within the go steady the first licence would be issued. Motorcycle riders must put an N-tabard. The novice course simply is applicable when. When you see a licence drive an automobile a separate group of vehicle, there’s no need to show N-plates once more. More info exists on the go Safety expert site.

Disqualification threshold

Should you decide accumulate 12 penalty points in a 3-year period, you should be disqualified from driving for half a year. This can be reduced to 7 penalty points for those who have a learner enable. This small limit remains installed whilst thrust on a learner permit and also for the first two age one generate beneath your basic generating licence. More information can be acquired on the go protection influence page.

Take in operating limit

For individuals could learner licenses, or have acquired the full driving license at under 2 years, the drink travel bounds is lower to 20mg per 100ml of circulation, 27mg per 100ml of urine and 9mg per 100ml of air.


You might be qualified for get a traveling licence whether you have passed the generating challenge for that particular group of car from the past 2 years.

In the event that certification of experience you’re circulated for moving the exam has ended a couple of years previous, you will need to move the driving try again.

Time of licence

The time scale of the time a gaining licence was circulated for varies according to the age of the client.

  • When you are under 60 years, you could potentially apply for a 10-year licence or a 3-year (on medical reasons)
  • If you’re older than 60 but younger than 67 years of age, you can request a licence that’ll end a new day before your 70th birthday celebration
  • If you are older than 67 but under 70 years of age, you may apply for a 3-year licence
  • If you find yourself over the age of 70, you’ll need a certification of fitness drive a truck from your medical practitioner to apply for a 3-year or a one-year licence

a tour bus or vehicle generating licence was supplied for just around five years.

Categories of autos

Automobiles happen to be split up into various areas for motorist certification use. Look for even more throughout our post on different kinds of autos and minimum ages of driver.

Their group of travel permit may give you entitlement to a traveling licence for many different different kinds of driving licence. Discover ‘Further critical information’ here.


The buying price of driving licences is:

  • Ten-year driving license — €55
  • Five-year shuttle or pick-up driving permit — €55
  • Three-year driving licence — €35
  • One-year cruising licence (healthcare good reason) — 100 % Free

Incorporating a classification towards your current traveling license charges €35.

Drivers avove the age of 70 will get his or her travel permit free of charge.

Facts about appropriate types of installment can be acquired about form.

Any needed eyesight checks or healthcare exams are certainly not cost-free.


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