Sea Kayak Adventures

Embark on a kayaking adventure to Amber island and paddle through a floating mangrove forest. Enjoy a guided tour of the island.

Mangroves Expeditions

Sea Kayak Adventures

Peaceful, Meditative or Exhilarating
A popular water sport to be enjoyed by anyone who is adventurous.

fun-filled adventures

Sea Kayak Adventures

Kayak expeditions along with boat trips, hiking and kayak fishing along the northern coast of Mauritius.

Explore the Nature

Sea Kayak Adventures

Explore the magic of nature in a fun, adventurous and eco-friendly way

Amber Island Kayak Expeditions | Fun-filled adventures | For the whole family

We Aim to make your
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Amber Island

Being part of the local national parks and protected by the Mauritian government, this island is surrounded by mangroves, rocks and crystal clear water. Beaches will not be missed as the walk is rewarding. Refreshments taste like haven on land, under a shelter surrounded by endemic trees, gecko and butterflies living there.

Mangroves Expeditions

Admire the mangroves more closely. We also meet several varieties of fish, in particular the small sunfish or the coachmen who populate the place. “We are in a real aquarium. It’s a nursery for fish.” This aquatic plant has, in fact, a nursery role for fish, being a source of food and protection against heavy rains and erosion.

Kayak Adventures

Being a physical and friendly activity, paddling in pairs turns out to be a rather complex gesture to master. After a few minutes spent finding the right rhythm of kayaking to avoid collision with other kayaks and mangroves, we finally manage to approach the Amber island. What more could you ask for on this beautiful trip?

Welcome to Sea Kayak Adventures !

Imagine kayaking amidst just vast & plain waters.
Boring right?
Now how about paddling through a floating mangrove forest, stopping by to discover a wild island & swimming in its surrounding turquoise waters before heading back to shore?
That’s sport, adventure, unforgettable moments & breath-taking scenery combined!

That’s exactly what we stand for to offer a fun- filled, ecological & fitness oriented expedition for the whole family.

SEA KAYAK ADVENTURES | About the fun-filled adventures.

Slide into a kayak and discover the beauty of the lagoon of Mauritius with untamed wilderness, pristine waters, signature mangrove maze, endemic animal species, historical ruins & a nature walk of the small 147-hectare islets one can ask for.

Paddle through the mangroves of Ile d’Ambre and soak in the peace and quiet. Learn about this fascinating plant and its vital role in the marine ecosystem. While you are at it, you will get to visit the ruins and forest of this tranquil islet and discover its rich history!
This is what we call “a must do experience” as every minute is full of discoveries and enjoyment.

Sea Kayak Adventures - A great way to enjoy mystical waves and shades of mangroves

The services provided to you, your family, colleagues will indeed be full of memories with Sea Kayak Adventures and it is guaranteed!

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What can be discovered throughout the journey with Sea Kayak Adventures.

0 Hectare
Amber Island
An Island, of an area of 140 hectares is covered mainly by wild plants. Most of its shores are bordered by rock or mangrove forests which is a breeding ground for small fish and crustaceans.
0 Species
Mangrove Tree
Among the 54-70 mangrove species that occur worldwide, only two species are found in Mauritius namely Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Rhizophora mucronata both being in the Rhizophoraceae Family
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Marine Species
You can expect to see endemic angelfish and butterfly fish, peacock flounder, parrotfish, nudibranchs, mantis shrimp, many species of morays, striped eel catfish, marlin, lionfish, turtles, stingrays, scorpionfish, trevally, octopus, gray reef sharks, and 200 species of coral in one dive!

Our History behind Sea Kayak Adventures

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