Sea Kayak Adventures caring for Mother Nature

With the help of our staff and few volantary, Sea Kayak Adventures often organise cleaning activites up the place by picking up plastic waste. For our staff, the protection of fauna and flora is essential.

Amber Island | Bernache Island | Bain Des Rosnay

fight against plastic pollution

8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. The Exploi project (Expédition Plastique Océan Indien) has been set up to fight this scourge in the Indian Ocean. It involves research and sensitisation programmes aimed at both the public and environmental professionals.

As the Sea Kayak Adventures team consist of sea lovers, we seize the opportunity to raise awareness on this particular issue destroying our marine lives and how will it affect generation over generations.

endanger sea turtles

Sea turtles are the heritage of our ocean!

These terrific and prehistoric creatures are fond of our waters and come to our shores, lagoons and coral reefs for reproduction, shelter and food.

In order to keep a balance in the coastal marine ecosystem, their presence is very significant. Some of them are still poached and others are most of the time, found injured in our lagoons and on our shores, they are easily becoming preys.

Helping to protect them, is one of Sea Kayak Adventures’ main priorities.

Coral regeneration

It is never too late to save the coral reefs!

Coral reefs have a great role to play when it comes to protecting the wildlife, coastal ecosystems and our civilisation. One of their vital roles is to act as a nursery ground and shelter for marine organisms and are crucial to protect coastal beaches, cities and communities from the impact of storms, erosion and flooding. Unfortunately, the corals are in mortal danger.